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Discover the secrets of embedded development, safety, and security in our exciting summer webinars. Conquer FuSa challenges with RISC-V, explore safe and fast ISO 26262 compliance, and dive deep into embedded secure development. 

Additionally, unlock the power of modern development workflows with IAR extensions for VS Code and supercharge your software productivity using Arm CoreSight Debug and Trace. Be part of the forefront of innovation and gain invaluable knowledge. Sign up and watch at your convenience!


Joint Webinar

Modern C++ for Safe and Efficient Embedded Systems

In this webinar, we will introduce the C++ language constructs and coding styles suitable for an embedded system based around an ARM Cortex-M microcontroller. We will show how a C++ application using the enhanced language features results in code that is both safe and easier to reuse/maintain without incurring a significant overhead when compared to traditional C approaches.

Date: October 27

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Increasing software productivity with Arm CoreSight Debug and Trace

This session will focus on practical, real-world debugging to show you how to track down elusive bugs, get more debug data from your device, and plot it in the timeline using Arm CoreSight Debug and trace infrastructure. It will cover how to interpret that data so that you know what is happening inside your application regarding performance, power consumption, and interrupt triggering instead of guessing.

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Modern Development Workflows enabled with IAR extensions for VS Code

Embedded codebases are growing, and development teams are eager to modernize their workflows, improve performance, and reduce the cost in their development environments. Automation, Git-based workflows, and CMake build tool files are critical components teams incorporate into their cross-platform environments from desk to CI/CD pipelines.

In this session, you will learn how to take advantage of the product evolution in modern and scalable cross-platform development workflows focusing on the Visual Studio Code Extensions for the IAR Toolchain.

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Unleashing security in the build process: Introducing v9.40 of IAR Development Solutions for Arm

Get to know all that’s new and exciting in v.9.40 of IAR Embedded Workbench for Arm and IAR Build Tools for Arm, including these highlights:

• IDE Build Actions improvements

• Arm PACBTI support

• Cortex-A32 support

• New compiler GCC extensions

• Renesas E2/E2 Lite emulator support

• Renesas RA Smart Configurator support for the IAR I-jet debug probe

• New device support

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Mastering the FuSa challenges with RISC-V pre-certified solutions

With the increasing adoption of RISC-V cores in SOCs as well as commercial MCUs, functional safety is a growing requirement for companies choosing RISC-V in their next design. High-integrity standards require extensive justification for selecting a toolchain unless it is already certified.

In addition to this, these standards often require the use of coding standards such as MISRA-C- and extensive testing and verification. To address this, IAR provides a functional safety-certified edition of the Embedded Development solutions for RISC-V with advanced debug and trace features as well as optional static code analysis capabilities.

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Safe and fast ISO 26262 embedded applications delivered on time

What are the best practices and configuration of tools needed to certify your end project straightforwardly? What functionality is safe to use, and how can that be reflected and addressed in your automotive application?

In this session, we will tackle these questions, cover what certified libraries are available from our semiconductor partners for automotive solutions, and give you additional advice to help you manage your functional-safety project.

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Practical advice on how to start with embedded secure development

Government agencies are aware of the threat posed by insecure IoT devices, and legislation mandating device manufacturers implement security is either already here or about to materialize. But what are the legislation requirements? 

In this session, we will cover the best practices of IoT security so that you are prepared for the security legislation.

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Implementing embedded security in late stages

Embedded Secure IP is a reliable solution for customers who want to integrate embedded security into their firmware application at a later stage in the development cycle and still benefit from some of the security features before considering going into mass production with their product.

Join this session and learn how to add security at any point in the design, up to manufacture.

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What’s the buzz of DevOps in Embedded Systems?

There are tools like Jenkins, BitBucket, and more to handle a slice of the build process, but how do you make the DevOps approach work in your daily development flow for embedded systems? What does it look like when all these processes work in concert? Or what if you only want to choose a few things a la carte?

Figuring out how to put all the pieces together can be daunting, but they don’t have to be. We’ll show you how to navigate the labyrinth so you can focus on your application. This session is a must-attend for any embedded firmware developer that wants to take advantage of modern build pipelines.

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Accelerate embedded development with advanced visualization and state machines

Join this webinar and learn how to build and manage your designs through graphical modeling efficiently, automate C, C++, C#, and Java code generation based on state machines -Finally, verify, simulate, and validate state machines-based design with automated documentation Notice that graphical modeling tools are suited for low code development in embedded systems and app’s development.

This session is recommended for any developer willing to efficiently build and manage complex designs, increase confidence in the design with code quality, and take advantage of advanced validation and verification capabilities.

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